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Информация о видео GHOSTLANDS [EPISODE #1]

Продолжительность :   1177
Пользователь :  GHOSTLANDS
Дата публикации :   2013-10-31
Просмотры :   36,132
Понравилось :   395
Не понравилось :   16

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Описание к видео GHOSTLANDS [EPISODE #1]

This is a brief insight into a paranormal investigation conducted over a number of days where I had control and was not bound by the rules and expectations of television. Where I could choose a location that had never been shown before, one I wanted to investigate, one that I thought you would find as fascinating as I have and with a team I had chosen. But most of all, I wanted to present you with the evidence, to "let the evidence speak".

But this will also be about you. You are ghost enthusiasts, investigators, paranormal fans, cynics, sceptics and believers and those who simply want to find out if the "truth is out there". So get involved by contributing with your comments. It's about recognising that this show is organic and can develop if there are the means available. So say what can be done differently, what can be done better, what you are expecting, what you don't like, but more importantly what you do like, what you've learned, but also...did you notice anything I didn't see?

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