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Jet li VS Japanese General

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Название :  Jet li VS Japanese General
Продолжительность :   587
Пользователь :  JR Estares
Дата публикации :   2010-08-03
Просмотры :   74,697,069
Понравилось :   161
Не понравилось :   26

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The next day, Chen and Huo Ting'en confront Fujita at his dojo, where Fujita exposes a traitor from Jingwu, who played a role in Huo Yuanjia's death, and shoots him as an apology for pre-meditating Huo's death. Huo Ting'en then fights Fujita, who appears to be incredibly strong and resilient, and Huo suffers grave injuries.

Chen takes over Huo and engages Fujita in a long and exhausting fight, eventually emerging victorious. Just as they are about to leave, the enraged Fujita comes after them with a katana and Chen is forced to kill Fujita. They are surrounded by armed Japanese soldiers, who prepare to open fire. Just then, the Japanese ambassador arrives and orders the soldiers to retreat.

He agrees with Chen's actions as he has been aware that Fujita is a madman, but also warns them that the Japanese government will use Fujita's death as an excuse to start a war with China, unless the Chinese can account for Fujita's death by executing the murderer.

Chen expresses his willingness to accept the blame for Fujita's death in order to prevent war, earning the ambassador's further admiration. Instead of ordering Chen's death, the ambassador stages a fake execution and substitutes the dead Jingwu's traitor's body for Chen's, while Chen escapes and leaves Shanghai secretly for good.

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