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Ultrawide Screensaver for Cinema Displays 21:9 Aquarium

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Информация о видео Ultrawide Screensaver for Cinema Displays 21:9 Aquarium

Название :  Ultrawide Screensaver for Cinema Displays 21:9 Aquarium
Продолжительность :   1205
Пользователь :  Uscenes relaxing videos
Дата публикации :   2016-11-07
Просмотры :   198,410
Понравилось :   379
Не понравилось :   57

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Описание к видео Ultrawide Screensaver for Cinema Displays 21:9 Aquarium

This video and screensaver is for 21:9 ratio Cinema TV screens and 21:9 Ultrawide computer monitors. Choose your unbranded download option at uscenes video ultrawid...

Uscenes presents our first 21:9 video screensaver. You can download this footage in 2 options: 3440 x 1440 UHD or 2560 x 1080 FHD.

This super wide aquarium will fill your screen beautifully. Whether you have one of the cinema display TVs which give you the true resolution of cinemas as 21:9, or a computer monitor of the same width.

This is not meant for normal screens. We have a similar standard format video called Finding Dory for normal screens. This product is a download for the small number of people who have discovered the delight of extra wide TVs and monitors.

This ultra wide aquarium features lovely flowing coral, colorful hard coral, plus lots of colorful fish. There are species you will recognize from the movies Finding Dory and Finding Nemo- Blue Tang, Clownfish and many more.

Now you won't have black bars at the side of your extra wide screen.

You can choose between the two resolutions in 3 formats:

1. An MP4 video to play on your Ultrawide TV and loop it by pressing the repeat button. Depending on your setup you may be able to stream it from your PC using a 4K streaming device like the new UHD Google Chromecast device. Or you can simply download it to your computer, copy and paste it to a USB flash drive, then plug into your super wide TV.

2. An Ultrawide Windows screensaver. Choose your resolution, then download a 3 minute self looping clip. The ultra wide Windows screensaver gives you the option to set a screenshot as your background desktop wallpaper, you can alter or mute the volume. You can also choose which screens to play it on. The screensaver can be played on multiple screens but it doesn't extend over screens side by side. Basically each monitor plays the same aquarium video.

3. An Ultrawide Mac screensaver in our UHD or HD. Again you can choose your resolution and the OS X ultra wide screensaver has all the features of the Windows screensaver. Both screensaver versions work just like any other screensaver, you set the time for it to start playing and then when you use your computer again it stops.

This is a new format for us, so any feedback is most welcome. This video wasn't filmed in 21:9, so we have chopped the top and bottom off. However if there is good interest in ultrawide relaxation videos we will start filming with 21:9 resolution in mind. This will be particularly good for landscapes, but it will also work out great for fish tanks which are often much wider than our normal resolution.

Uscenes creates videos to help you relax. Our 4K videos and this one all have 5.1 surround sound. The simple sound of bubbles on this video is very relaxing.

there seems to be no name for the 21:9 resolution yet. Our offerings are somewhere between Full HD and Ultra HD, perhaps closest to QHD. LG have registered the name UltraWide, Vizio call their TVs CinemaWide. There are various other terms floating about like super wide, mega wide, extra wide etc...

Please subscribe to our channel to keep updated with Uscenes progress with our relaxation videos of aquariums and much more.

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