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O'Brother - Endless Light (Full Album)

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Информация о видео O'Brother - Endless Light (Full Album)

Название :  O'Brother - Endless Light (Full Album)
Продолжительность :   2776
Пользователь :  Progland
Дата публикации :   2016-04-05
Просмотры :   45,294
Понравилось :   480
Не понравилось :   6

Кадры из видео O'Brother - Endless Light (Full Album)

Описание к видео O'Brother - Endless Light (Full Album)

Sequenced like an episodic dream, with each song shape-shifting into the next, Disillusion captures O’Brother in a true state of creative transformation. The sprawling concept albums of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, King Crimson and more provided the grist, but these five intrepid seekers have crafted a complex slab of bejeweled art-rock that shimmers vividly all on its own. With multiple points of entry and a host of memorable stops along the way, the album defines a journey that almost anyone can grasp: in this crazy tech-fueled world where literally everything can feel like it’s on a downward spiral, sometimes we just need to slow down, sit still and listen.

1.Slow Sin
2.Your Move
4.Complicated End Times
7.Endless Light
8.Black Hole
9.Time Is a Length of Rope
10.I Am (Become Death)
11.Realm of the Physical

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