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Затерянные во льдах (2019) — Трейлер #2

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Информация о видео Затерянные во льдах (2019) — Трейлер #2

Название :  Затерянные во льдах (2019) — Трейлер #2
Продолжительность :   148
Пользователь :  Трейлер FIlms
Дата публикации :   2019-01-03
Просмотры :   2,709
Понравилось :   29
Не понравилось :   1

Кадры из видео Затерянные во льдах (2019) — Трейлер #2

Описание к видео Затерянные во льдах (2019) — Трейлер #2

Original title:Arctic, 2019

Premiere (Russian Federation) February 21, 2019
Country: Iceland
Director: Joe Penna
Distributor: "Planeta Inform "

Genre: drama

Starring: Mads Mikkelsen. Maria Thelma SmartDoctor...

In the Arctic — the ice, snow, cut off from the world — where the temperature can drop to 70⁰С, Huxley, the pilot crashed the helicopter, desperately fighting for her life. He learned to cope with the cold, to hunt, to feed themselves. In these conditions he will take care of a random fellow traveler, which his fate. Two on the edge of the earth — they are waiting for a dangerous journey and a serious battle for survival.
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