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COUNTERBLAST "Nothingness" (full album)

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Информация о видео COUNTERBLAST "Nothingness" (full album)

Название :  COUNTERBLAST "Nothingness" (full album)
Продолжительность :   3180
Пользователь :  Alerta Antifascista Records (Official)
Дата публикации :   2019-04-03
Просмотры :   441
Понравилось :   20
Не понравилось :   0

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Описание к видео COUNTERBLAST "Nothingness" (full album)

Monumental crust from Sweden with a very unique style that blends elements of crust, metal and somewhat ambient, eerie and tribal sounding music together. You can hear some influences from other bands such as Amebix, Dystopia and Neurosis in parts, but Counterblast's is something truly unique that must be experienced to understand how amazing this is.

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