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Rushlights ~ Trailer

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Информация о видео Rushlights ~ Trailer

Название :  Rushlights ~ Trailer
Продолжительность :   148
Пользователь :  DutchRainbowTrailers
Дата публикации :   2013-06-11
Просмотры :   1,106
Понравилось :   10
Не понравилось :   0

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Описание к видео Rushlights ~ Trailer

Billy (Josh Henderson) and Sarah (Haley Webb), two delinquent teenage lovers from the suburbs of Los Angeles travel to a small southern town to falsely claim a dead friend's inheritance. The two teens wind up in a nightmare of greed and betrayal when confronted with the twisted and bizarre underworld of Tremo, TX.

Genre: Crime Drama Mystery Romance Suspense Thriller
Rating: R (violence, language, sexuality, drug use)
Release Date: June 21, 2013
Running Time: 94 minutes
Director: Antoni Stutz
Cast: Josh Henderson, Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinnn, Haley Webb, Jordan Bridges, Lorna Raver, Joel McKinnon Miller, Crispian Belfrage, (13 additional cast)

Bio and or Filmography
imdb title tt1536437 f...

Official Site: rushlightsmovie
Facebook: RushlightsMovie
Twitter: RushlightsMovie

Clip from the track "Exciting Trailer" composed by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech. incompetech music royalty-...

Original screen designs and text edits completed by graphic designer, Lisa3679, and gamer NathanWubs.

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