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Решала на ДТП

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Название :  Решала на ДТП
Продолжительность :   227
Пользователь :  ГвоздиShow
Дата публикации :   2019-08-24
Просмотры :   260,855
Понравилось :   23
Не понравилось :   708

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Описание к видео Решала на ДТП

Gvozdi #595. Decided on an accident. State of emergency on the road in Russia. Disassembly during an accident, how drivers solve problems. Fight guilty of an accident with the victim. The nineties returned to Russia. Joke at the accident, the culprit arranged a showdown. Decided on an accident. Joke from the channel "GvozdiShow". The best car jokes and car humor. Road wars. Irkutsk
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#solved #accident #gvozdi

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